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Sex in the 2nd Century AD probably wasn't all that. People were dirty, smelly and the women would rarely wear make up, never mind lingerie. Things weren't great, but then came along the Kama Sutra; a quite epic tome of sex positions scribed by some Indian chap. Problem was it was written in Sanskrit, so it wasn't much good if you were living under Roman rule in ancient Britain. Books were also seriously expensive, so failing being a King, you probably couldn't afford it. The Kama Sutra was out of reach and out of your language.

Fast forward a couple of millennia and things have changed quite a bit. People now wash themselves; women wear makeup and regularly look exceptional in lacy underwear. There's been the Swinging 60s, Pornhub.com and Sasha Grey - so what cause is there for the ancient Kama Sutra?

Well, in full support of technological progress, we've taken the ancient text and given it our own unique twist. With our Kama Sutra (or Karma Sutra - we've been informed that both spellings are correct) we've got 30 lovingly prepared girl-on-girl videos for you to watch and enjoy, try at home and then enjoy again. Obviously there are no unappealing sex positions, but some, we've learnt are much more popular than others. Our top 10 positions have been voted for by our loyal FHM readers, with 11-30 taking you through the best of the rest.

Quite simply, these videos can teach you how to be Ron Jeremy in the bedroom, with each video offering additional commentary to explain both the aesthetic and technical rewards of what's going on. So continue on for a journey into the Top 30 Kama Sutra positions according to you the readers, and us at FHM.com.

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